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Norcuir, a passion for leather

Norcuir (Ets. Norro M & Fils sprl), a family business specialised in high-quality leather  is based in Ixelles, near the Brugmann Square.

Leather, our passion and our life

Our traditional know-how has been handed down for three generations now, since 1918. As creative and passionate artisans, we strive for excellence in the field of leather. We offer leather for furniture,bookbinding, leather goods and saddle-making, navigation, aviation or any type of exotic leather.

Using leather, Norcuir thus creates high-precision traditional products. Because we consider leather to be a noble material, we expand our know-how day after day. This allows us to offer you high-quality products, made in accordance with the rules of the trade. With its products, Norcuir continuously strives for excellence.

We are at our clients’ service, offering them the leather of their choice. We are open daily from Monday to Friday. We will also welcome you by appointment at the weekend.

Contact us for any questions about our work or to make an appointment and discuss your wishes with us. We will gladly help you.

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